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Historic Beer Birthday: William J. Seib

Today is the birthday of William J. Seib (August 4, 1836-after 1901). He was born in Germany and learned to brew there. When he was 18, in 1854, he emigrated to the United States and worked at several breweries in the Detroit area, including Stroh’s. He worked for several additional breweries before becoming the brewmaster at Conrad Seipp Brewery of Chicago, Illinois, a position he held for nearly two decades until his retirement in 1901, after fifty years in the brewing industry. He must have been very well regarded because he’s referred to as “the dean of American brewmasters.” Seib was one of three men appointed to draft the charter of the Master Brewers’ Association of the United States, along with Louis Frisch and Charles J. Schmidt, which was founded on April 14, 1887.

This is a short biography when he retired from brewing in 1901, when he was 64, from the American Brewers’ Review:

And this biography is from when Seib celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary.

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