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Homebrewing Rally At Anchor Brewery

Yesterday afternoon a rally for the American Homebrewers Association was held at Anchor Brewing. I stopped by to see Gary Glass, director of the AHA (and who I interviewed earlier this year for a story), along with Erin Glass and Bradley Lantham. I’ve know all three from attending CBC and GABF for many years so I took the opportunity to see them when they weren’t working at full throttle at the BA events. I also knew a number of nearly 150 homebrewers that showed up at Anchor, so it was a fun afternoon. Afterwards, we went to a few other places in the city, from 21st Amendment to City Beer Store to Magnolia.

AHA Director Gary Glass, Erin Glass and Bradley Lantham, in town from the Brewers Association for the Rally.


For more photos from the AHA Rally at Anchor Brewery, visit the photo gallery.

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