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Hops Webinars Scheduled By Simple Earth Hops

Matt Sweeny, from Simple Earth Hops of Dodgeville, Wisconsin, announced today that he’ll be hosting 2-hour educational “Brewing Up a Community Hops Webinars” in March, April and May of this year, on the third Saturday of each month with a morning (10 a.m. CST) and evening (9 p.b. CST) session on each day.

Accroding to the press release, “commercial hopics to be covered include marketing local hops, establishing a commercial hopyard, processing hops, how to use earth-friendly growing practices and lots of time for questions and answers. The cost for each webinar is $20, tickets are available at Eventbrite” and a full schedule is available online.

So that’s “2 Hops Webinars offered per day on Sat. 3/17, Sat., 4/21 and Sat., 5/19 for American Craft Brew Week! Morning Hops Webinar @ 10am to 12pm CST and a late night Hops Webinar @ 9pm to 11pm CST.” If you’ve ever thought about growing hops, either commercially or just for fun, this looks like it could be a great way to find out more about how to go about it and what’s really involved.

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