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Inflatable Beer Mug Coolers

I don’t exactly know why this called to me, but for some reason it did. I’ve seen inflatable beer coolers before, but these seemed kind of cool to me. I guess I like the idea of putting the bottles or cans in a beer mug to cool them down. Like most people who take drinking seriously, I have a number of beer coolers of different sizes, shapes and materials. I also have three big keg tubs, too. But those you have to carry back from the beach or park or wherever remote location you’re hauling them to. With an inflatable one, you don’t have nearly as much to drag back home, which seems like a definitive advantage.

Anyway, the one I like best is from Europe, specifically Switzerland, and there’s one pretty similar available from England.

I couldn’t find that one available in the U.S., but a different — though somewhat the same — inflatable mug cooler is available from eCrater and through Amazon.

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