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Lew Bryson *Is* The American Beer Blogger

A new project was announced yesterday on Kickstarter starring my friend and colleague Lew Bryson. The project is being produced by Rudy Vegliante of Green Leaf Productions and the idea is to create a series of six half-hour television shows starring Lew. Here’s how the project is described on the Kickstarter project page for American Beer Blogger:

AMERICAN BEER BLOGGER is a half hour television series dedicated to all facets of the ever growing craft beer market. From home brewing, to micro beer; viewers will experience the very best of the craft beer culture. In each episode, Lew will visit a different brewer, each of which has their own sets of quirks and ways of doing things. Lew will talk to these brewers, get to know them, will show us first hand the various methods and techniques used in creating a craft beer. From the tiniest bottler to the largest manufacturer, Lew will get his hands dirty. Topics such as bottling, food pairing, manufacturing, distribution, history, technique (and so much more) will all be touched upon as Lew spends a day with these brewers. Some doing well in the business, others not so well. Thankfully, the DIY nature of this business can lead to some pretty unforseeable results as Lew lends a hand and helps out in any way he can. Lew will show us all the kinds of micro-breweries currently out there. From the smallest, hippest label to large manufacturers.

AMERICAN BEER BLOGGER sets out to entertain the viewer as well as educate on this rapidly growing industry. Through humor and a charming, hands-on host, our show will not only be entertaining for the microbeer enthusiast, but also enjoyable for the average viewer as well.

They’re trying to raise $60,000 in two months to fund the project. There’s a variety of pledge levels available if you’re interested in seeing Lew in his very on TV show — and who doesn’t want that? Levels range from a buck to $10,000, with everything in between, getting you various thanks, credit and goodies for each successive level. For example, at the $1,000 level you get an “associate producer” credit and all six episodes on DVD, along with some additional tchotchkes. Below is video of the proposed project.

The teaser trailer was filmed at Stoudt’s Brewery in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, near where I grew up. And it features Lew doing what Lew does best: drinking, talking, eating and laughing … a lot. And that, I think is a very promising beginning. It seems very natural, a casual look at the brewery and the people behind it. I hope lots of people queue up to help the project get made. I know I’ll help out as best I can. You should to.

I think my only quibble — and it’s really a tongue-in-cheek one — is that title. Lew Bryson is the American Beer Blogger! Certainly he’s “an” American Beer Blogger, but “the” American Beer Blogger? It makes it sound like he’s the only one, or at least the only one who can call himself that; the Steam Beer among us California Commons. Plus, it makes him sound like a superhero.

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