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Looking For Porters in Porter Square

Last Sunday morning in Boston, I had a number of hours before my flight left for home. My plan for the day was a trip to nearby Cambridge where I was going to hunt for some toys for my kids. But as I was early getting out and had over an hour before the stores opened, I stayed on the subway a few more stops for no better reason than I wanted to see Porter Square, a neighborhood near Harvard. And the only reason I went there was because Porter is my son’s name and it was good a place as any to kill an hour sightseeing. So there’s no real ebeer to speak of in this gallery, but if you’re interest in seeing a lot of signs with word “Porter” on them, by all means click on the link to the gallery below.

Outside the Porter Square subway station.


For more photos from my trip to Porter Square in Masschusetts visit the photo gallery.

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