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Marzen Madness, Sweet Stout Sixteen

As several people have sent me an e-mail asking if I was alright, I figure a word of explanation may be in order. Every two months, because I write for a few different bi-monthly magazines, I have paying gigs whose deadlines are all the same week. Usually, my posting just diminishes somewhat, but this time I had a particularly heavy writing load — not that I’m complaining — and so I had to abandon the blog temporarily. I still have one short article to go, but I’m waiting to hear back from someone so I thought I’d do a quick post in an effort to get back on track. So enough rambling, back to the games.

The Washington Post’s Beer Madness, which I’m still calling Marzën Madness, held Round 2 on Sunday and here are the results.

The only surprises in round two were Anchor Steam Beer being ousted by Dominion Ale and Sierra Nevada being defeated by Saranac Pale Ale. Since they’re both pale ales, it should have been an easy victory for Sierra Nevada. I’ve had Saranac’s Pale Ale, and while it’s not a bad beer, it’s no Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which literally defined the style for American Pale Ale in the early 1980s. Anyway, there a few interesting matchups coming up in round three, which will take place this Sunday, March 25. There are two browns slugging it out as Ellie’s Brown goes up against Pete’s Wicked, though it’s looking less wicked and more amber these days (sorry, Jaime). Brooklyn Lager should be able to handily defeat Bud, and Dogfish Head’s pale ale really should be able to pin Saranac’s. But the one to watch, I think, will be Allagash White going up against Dominion, an amber ale. I predict Allagash will make it to the Elite ESB Eight.

The bracket through round two.

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