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Mug Of The World

I’m not sure where this originated or even if it’s real, but it’s pretty cool looking, at least to me. I guess I’ll have to start a list, but of the growing number of things I’ve recently admitted to being geekily obsessive, please add maps. I love maps of all kinds, though especially pictorial ones and globes. At one time, I had collected at least fifty globes but they’re the sort of things that quickly overwhelm a small house. I still collect postcards with the old-fashioned state maps on them with the small graphics on them to indicate particular features of the state. Anyway, enough rambling. This mug of beer looks eerily like Africa and Europe, with a splash of Asia in the corner.

It almost looks too good to be real, as it’s pretty damn accurate. If it’s fake, they did a great job. Of course, if you can put 100 monkeys in a room and eventually get Shakespeare, who know, maybe it’s real after all? Or perhaps if you have enough mugs of beer it starts to look real. Either, way, color me impressed.


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