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NAGBW Beer Writing Awards Announced

The North American Guild of Beer Writers is pleased to announced the winners of the 2013 Beer Writing Contest. Awards in six categories were announced earlier today at the McNichols Civic Center Building in Denver, Colorado. The awards were for work that was published between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. This was the first awards for the newly reformed writer’s guild, who received just over 100 entries for this year’s awards. Congratulations to each of the winners.

Best Brewspaper/Free Zine Writing

1. Randy Clemens, “Drinking on the Job: Traditional Belgian & French Farmhouse Ales”
2. Brian Yaeger, “An Oral History of Widmer Hefeweizen”
3. Ken Weaver, “The Big Show: Local brewers prepare for the Great American Beer Festival”

Best Beer Blog

1. Oliver Gray, Literature and Libation
2. Alan McCormick, Growler Fills: Craft Beer Enthusiasm
3. Terry Lozoff, Drink Insider

Best Beer and Food Writing

1. Ken Weaver, “Genesis of a Beer Dinner”
2. Kurt Epps, “Now Batting: Ted Williams at Tapastre”
3. No award

Best Newspaper (Paid Circulation) Writing

1. Evan Rail, “In London, A Flood of Pints”
2. Josh Noel, “The Best Beer in the World”
3. No award

Best Magazine Writing

1. Martin Thibault, “Top Secret – The Farmhouse Brewing Traditions of Lithuania”
2. Joe Stange, “Alt Reality”
3. Aleszu Bajak, “Brewing in Thin Air”

Best Book

1. Tim Webb and Stephen Beaumont, “The World Atlas of Beer”
2. Janet Fletcher, “Cheese and Beer”
3. Tom Acitelli, “The Audacity of Hops”

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