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NBWA Launches Beer Recipe Contest

The National Beer Wholesaler’s Association (NBWA), a trade group consisting of beer distributors, today announced a contest for the best food recipe using beer as one of the ingredients. They’ve set up a website,, for consumers to enter their favorite recipe using beer. Hopeful entrants have until July 31 of this year to submit a recipe. Ten finalists will be selected by a panel of “qualified food experts” (whatever that means) and the final ten will be flown to New York City for a cook-off to choose a grand prize winner. According to the website, “the grand prize winner will receive a seven day trip for two to the Golden Crown Paradise Resort and Spa in Cancun Mexico, airfare and transfers included, plus $500 in spending money. The second place prize winner will receive $1,000 in cash.”

Why do they insist on using such juvenile images to promote beer?

From the press release:

“This cooking contest reinforces several of our key messages with consumers,” said NBWA’s Vice President of Public Affairs Michelle Semones. “It highlights the immense variety of beer found in stores around the country – something that would not be possible without distributors to help get these smaller products to market. It also reminds consumers that beer has a natural place at the dinner table – whether livening up a recipe or as the perfect accompaniment to one.”

Beer is the only required ingredient in the recipes, which may be for any type of dish: appetizers, soups, entrees or baked goods. The more creative use of beer as an ingredient the better.

Get cooking people. I’ll be waiting to hear what Lucy Saunders, the Beer Cook, thinks about this contest.

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