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Next Session In The Bavarian Clouds

For our 137th Session, our host will be Roger Mueller, who writes at Roger’s Beers …and Other Drinks. For his topic, he’s chosen German Wheat Beers, one of the original hazy beers.

This is from Stan Hieronymus’ recent article, Traditional Hefeweizen: Worth the Trouble?

Here’s his full explanation of the month’s topic:

I would like to clarify for myself the similarities and dissimilarities of weissbeers, kristall weizen, weizen, hefeweizen, etc. I’d love to read about the distinctions all you brewers and beer researchers know about regarding the various “styles” of weissbeer, experiences in brewing and drinking the beer, it’s history. Yeah, whatever you’d like to say about German wheat beers will be great.

To participate in the July Session, simply post a link to your session post by commenting at the original announcement on or before Friday, July 6.

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