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One Month Later: Wild Hop Lager Website Still Down

At the end of March, someone posted a comment that the Wild Hop Lager website was down. This was a couple of days after I did a phone interview with Bob Scowcroft, Executive Director of the OFRF about the nature of the donation they were to receive “with every purchase of Wild Hop Lager,” as the website indicated.

Since that time I’ve been checking periodically and it’s remained down for at least a month now. Today, it still only says “This page is temporarily down. Please check back later.” Now I don’t know the official period of time something continues before it’s no longer considered “temporary” but in internet time, a month is an eternity. I certainly thought there would be something put up in its place by now. Perhaps the strategy for Wild Hop Lager is changing, but what’s taking so long? Who knows?


A screen capture of the original Wild Hop Lager website that has been down for a month. If you’re having trouble reading the text, click on the image to view the screen capture full size.

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