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Paris Banned from Munich

I’m not much for celebrity gossip, but my wife uses it to decompress from her detail-oriented, stressful job — she’s an attorney. She finds that the mindless entertainment helps her unwind after days spent reading complex contracts and the like. So she was the one who came across this gem that seems too priceless to be true, but it is. According to the UK Sun, society parasite Paris Hilton is banned from Oktoberfest for the outfit she wore last year to the festival to advertise a canned wine brand. Oktoberfest officials believe last year that Hilton “cheapened” their event. “Munich tourism chief Gabriele Weishaeupl announced yesterday that celebrity promotions ‘are completely prohibited by the new festival rules’.” You just can’t make this kind of stuff up.

Paris Hilton’s offending costume at the 2006 Oktoberfest which led to her being banned from this year’s festival.


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