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Patent No. 1052704A: Beer-Package

Today in 1913, US Patent 1052704 A was issued, an invention of Robert E. Wenzel and William M. Shouler, for their “Beer-Package.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary:

Our invention particularly relates toA a package adapted to be to receive draft beer, or beer drawn from the original wood package.

One object of our invention is to provide a package into which draft beer can be drawn from the original cask and from which ,such beer can be again drawn in quantities desired without allowing the beer. within the package to part with the carbonic acid gas contained therein, thereby keeping the beer fresh and in the same` condition as when drawn from the original keg or cask.

Another object of our invention is to projections adapted to form hand holds to venable the cover to be screwed from or on to the beer package.

Another object of our invention is to provide a beer package which when serving all the purposes above stated will be provided with a convenient handle which can be folded out of the way when the package is not being carried.

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