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Patent No. 20110225686P1: Hop Plant Named ‘HBC 342’

Today in 2011, US Patent 20110225686 P1 was issued, an invention of Eugene G. Probasco and Jason Perrault, for their “Hop Plant Named ‘HBC 342.’” Here’s the Abstract:

A new hop plant named ‘HBC 342’ is disclosed. The cones of ‘HBC 342’ mature in late September to early October, and yield a crop of 2400 to 3000 pounds per acre. ‘HBC 342’ is used for its late maturity, high alpha acid content and exceptional yield.

Patented one year and a day after ‘HBC 394’ (a.k.a. Citra) by the same pair, this one has yet to be given a name, as far as I know, although it has been used in some commercial beers. For example, Stone Brewing used in a collaboration they did with Jamil Zainasheff and Julian Shrago that was called Beachwood/Heretic/Stone Unapologetic IPA and also a draft beer they brewed at Stone Liberty Station, and called The Lupulin Loop. Also Sacramento’s New Helvetia created Little Beast/Sloppy Sessions IPA with the hop. At least one source says its aromatics give the aroma of watermelon, while HopUnion refers to it as a “High alpha variety with a pleasant aroma,” describing is as exhibting “Mild citrus, tropical fruit and melon notes.”

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