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Patent No. 20120278959P1: Hop Plant Named ‘HBC 291’

Today in 2012, US Patent 834491 A was issued, an invention of Eugene G. Probasco and Jason Perrault, for their “Hop Plant Named ‘HBC 291.'” Here’s the Abstract:

A new hop plant named ‘HBC 291’ is disclosed. The cones of ‘HBC 291’ mature in mid September, and yield a crop of 2000 to 2400 pounds per acre. ‘HBC 291’ is used for its unique aromatic and flavor qualities, high alpha acid content and exceptional yield.

While the hop variety has yet to be named, it is available as an experimental hop at HopUnion. And the BA’s Julia Herz wrote about the hop on in Birth of a Hop, which in part is about Summit Brewing Co. using it in a Experimental Hop Brews.

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