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Patent No. 2131632A: Barrel

Today in 1938, US Patent 2131632 A was issued, an invention of Bertil T. Lindell, for his “Design for a Barrel.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary:

My invention relates to barrels and particularly to a barrel of the all-metal type having an inner and outer shell portion which are entirely insulated from each other. 5 In the co-pending application of C. H. Widman, A. P. Nacey and B. T. Lindell Serial No. 673,350 filed May 29, 1933, and assigned to the assignee of the present invention, a barrel was disclosed wherein reinforcing and insulating portions were provided for supporting and sealing the inner .eontainer portion against a transfer of heat. The present invention is a further extension of the novelty of the above mentioned barrel in that the inner and outer container portions are pre the insulating material is disposed between congruous surfaces which are shaped in such manner as to provide lateral and longitudinal support at the shoulder portions of the barrel. In this manner, the barrel is completely insulated except for the metal bungs where some transfer of heat will naturally occur owing to their direct contact with the contained liquid.

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