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Patent No. 27615A: Corkscrew

Today in 1860, US Patent 27615 A was issued, an invention of M.L. Byrn, for his “Corkscrew.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary:

The object of this invention is to manufacture cork screws possessing greater strength and durability and which may be made andL sold at a less cost than those of the present construction.

My invention consists in combining’ with the gimlet screw a T handle and forming the handle and screw in one or in two pieces as will be hereinafter described and represented.

The greatest advantage obtained by my invention, in the combination with an ordinary gimlet-screw of a handle making it serve thereby as a cork-screw, is strength and cheapness, over those made with a spiral twist of steel wire gradually tapering from the handle to the point. Such cork screws can be made to enter a cork with sufficient ease, but they are very liable to break of in drawing the cork from the bottle in consequence of the smallness and brittleness of the wire forming the spiral stem, and too in the hurry of opening bottles the screw is not always driven straight into the cork and the small point is very likely broken off by coming in Contact with the neck of the bottle, besides such screws are used for breaking the wire which is used on many bottles for keeping the cork from being driven out by the force of gas in the bottle, such screws are not strong enough. for this purpose and are frequently broken by the carelessness of servants in using them for other purposes than drawing corks from bottles.

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