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Patent No. 2830611A: Container Tapping Device

Today in 1958, US Patent 2830611 A was issued, an invention of Harry Stelma, assigned to the Champion Safe Tap Co., for his “Container Tapping Device.” There’s no Abstract, but the description states it’s an “invention [that] relates, as indicated, to container tapping devices and, more particularly, to an improved device of this nature adapted to be used safely and efficiently to tap containers in which fluid is maintained under pressure,” which continues in greater detail:

My improved tap is intended principally for use in withdrawing beer from the usual kegs in which the beverage is transported and stored and will, accordingly, be considered and described in detail in connection with such an application thereof. As is well-known, considerable care must be exercised in the common practice of tapping a beer keg by using the draft tube to force the bung into the keg, since the resultant release of pressure may tear the tube from the users hands and cause body injury. The tapping device of my invention includes means preventative of such blowing of the draft tube.

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