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Patent No. 3720355A: Portable Beer Siphon Device

Today in 1974, US Patent 3720355 A was issued, an invention of Mack S. Johnston, for his “Portable Beer Siphon Device.” Here’s the Abstract:

The device includes a keg adapter mounted within a 1 1/2 inch keg opening and a dispenser coupler secured to the keg adapter, the adapter and coupler having gas and liquid passages for permitting ingress of gas into the keg and outflow of beer from the keg. The gas passage receives gas from a hand operated portable plunger type pump with the beer dispensing outlet including a spout. The coupler is secured to the adapter by rotating the former relative to the latter which, in turn, opens normally closed gas and liquid valves in the adapter. A liquid valve is disposed in the coupler and displacement of the spout opens the valve to permit outflow of beer therefrom.

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