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Patent No. 3741248A: Hoff Stevens Rotary Selector Valve Mechanism

Today in 1973, US Patent 3741248 A was issued, an invention of Frederick F. Stevens, assigned to Hoff Stevens, for his “Rotary Selector Valve Mechanism.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary:

A rotary selector valve mechanism having a housing defining a generally cylindrical fluid chamber and including a fluid outlet port communicating with the chamber. A circumaxial series of inlet valves mounted on the housing each include an inlet port and a valve element movable between opened and closed positions and biased to closed position to prevent passage of fluid from the inlet port to the chamber. A rotary crank mechanism journaled for coaxial rotation relative to the fluid chamber is adapted for selective angular positioning relative to the valve elements to retain a selected one of the valve elements in its open position whereby a fluid flow path is provided from the inlet port associated with the one inlet valve to and through the chamber to the outlet port. Positioning of the crank mechanism is remotely controlled by a servo mechanism which includes a rotary selector switch.

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