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Patent No. 3765903A: Isomerised Hop Extract

Today in 1973, US Patent 3765903 A was issued, an invention of Brian Clarke, Robert Hildebrand, David Lance, and Alexander White, assigned to Carton and United Breweries Ltd, for their “Isomerised Hop Extract.” Here’s the Abstract:

A process for the preparation of an isomerised hop extract for use in the flavouring of food or beverages which comprises adding to a solution of humulones or their salts a metal ion of calcium, magnesium, nickel, manganese or zinc, which metal ion forms with the humulones a metal ion-humulone complex which then precipitates from the solution. The metal ion-humulone complex is then heated in solid or paste state or in suspension or dissolved in an organic solvent to form a metal ion-isohumulone complex in high yield. The metal ion-isohumulone complex is substantially insoluble and can be used as a bittering additive, without regeneration to a soluble salt of isohumulone, by finely grinding such metal ion-isohumulone complex.

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