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Patent No. 441477A: Bottling-Machine

Today in 1890, US Patent 441477 A was issued, an invention of William H. Foye, Jr., and William H. Foye, Sr., for their “Bottling-Machine.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary:

Our invention relates to improvements in bottling-machines used in bottling fermented liquors and other fluids which contain carbonic acid gas or are to be charged with the same.

Our objects are, first, to provide a machine capable of adjustment to any size or shape of bottle; second, to force out the atmospheric air contained in the bottle and fill the same with carbonic-acid gas; third, to fill the bottle with fluid and prevent the same from coming in contact with atmospheric air, if desired, thereby preventing the escape of carbonic-acid gas and preserving the life and aroma of the fluid; fourth, to saturate the fluid with carbonic-acid gas, when required, by pressure and agitation, and, fifth, to cork and secure the same by wiring before removing the bottle from the machine, if desired.

And here’s the original drawing filed with the application:

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