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Patent No. 4557186A: Brewing Apparatus

Today in 1985, US Patent 4557186 A was issued, another invention of Christopher J. L. Brown, assigned to Bowmans Brewer, Ltd., for his “Brewing Apparatus.” Here’s the Abstract:

Brewing apparatus for batch brewing beer or ale comprises a fermentation vessel 1 in which a fermentable liquor is contained, a float hydrometer 11 and a sensor 12 for monitoring downward displacement of the hydrometer 11 as the specific gravity of the liquor reduces due to fermentation. The sensor 12 includes means for providing a signal in a controller 3 at a desired specific gravity to indicate completion of the required fermentation and the controller 3 is operable to control automatic transfer of the fermented liquor to a maturing vessel 4 and, after a predetermined time interval to a barrel or the like.

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