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Patent No. 4633678A: Keg Cooler

Today in 1987, US Patent 4633678 A was issued, an invention of Richard P. Lea and Randy J. Lea, for their “Keg Cooler.” Here’s the Abstract:

A beer keg cooler has a container and a removable lid of relatively thick wall insulated construction larger than a keg to be accommodated by the cooler so that ice may be packed around the keg. A flexible, web shaped harness is secured to the inner wall of the container and straps of the harness are secured by buckles so that the harness can be adjusted to bridge across the container in tight engagement against the keg to secure the keg in position and to prevent the keg from floating as the ice melts. The container has a notch formed in its upper rim to accommodate beverage dispensing equipment and the lid has a central opening for the same purpose. A flexible flap over the lid opening seals any portion of the opening not required for this purpose.

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