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Patent No. 4802344A: Portable Cooler For Beverage Kegs

Today in 1989, US Patent 4802344 A was issued, an invention of Mark L. Livingston and Michael Babcock, for their “Portable Cooler For Beverage Kegs.” Here’s the Abstract:

A thermally insulated cooler for enclosing a beverage keg having a pre-chilled beverage temperature to be maintained. The cooler is of a soft sided composition cylindrical is shape having a permanently closed bottom end and a removable lid zippered at the other end for affording access to the storage compartment. A zippered access opening centrally located in the lid enables a dispensing tap connected to the keg to extend outward thereof without exposing the key to ambient temperatures. A strap extending longitudinally on opposite sides and across the bottom end enables the cooler with keg in place to be conveniently carried by hand.

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