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Patent No. 499537A: Beer-Faucet

Today in 1893, US Patent 499537 A was issued, an invention of Christian Guenther, for his “Beer-Faucet.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary:

As is well known in tapping a keg of beer orale, the cork or plug, which closes the opening in which the faucet is inserted, is forced into the keg by the act of inserting the faucet. In this mode of tapping the end of the faucet is placed against the cork or plug and then a number of blows is given to the faucet by means of a mallet or other instrument, and the cork is thus forced into the keg. This operation requires skill on the part of the person tapping the keg, as there is great liability of leakage taking place and if the faucet is not properly inserted there is great danger of its blowing out and the contents of the keg lost.

My invention is designed to obviate the above and other objections and provide a faucet which can be readily inserted in a keg by the most unskilled person, without any danger of leakage, and without hammering the faucet which has a tendency to injure the same.

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