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Patent No. 669033A: Mender For Beer-Pipes

Today in 1901, US Patent 669033 A was issued, an invention of William J. Hayes, for his “Mender for Beer-Pipes.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary:

My invention relates especially to a device for temporarily unending or stopping a leak in the lead pipe which connects beer or barrels containing other malt liquors with the tap or With an air pressure supply. Frequently a hole is accidentally blown in such pipes and immediate repairs become necessary before artisans can be summoned to effect a permanent sealing. In accomplishing this I form an open cylinder A, of sheet-brass or other flexible metal, somewhat less in diameter than the pipe. This is provided at its edges with ears or lugs b, both of which are tapped and one screw-threaded to receive a take-up screw f. Inside this cylinder is disposed a rubber bushing cylindrical and split at 7L, Fig. 2.

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