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Patent No. 7735412B2: Apparatus For Distributed Production Of Beer

Today in 2010, US Patent 7735412 B2 was issued, an invention of William E. Burdick, assigned to the Granite City Food and Brewery, Ltd., for his “Apparatus for Distributed Production of Beer.” Here’s the Abstract:

A commercial multiple barrel beer brewing apparatus includes a brew kettle at a first location; a hopped wort holding vessel; a chiller for chilling the hopped wort stored in the holding vessel to a temperature range of approximately 29° F. to 40° F.; a transportation vessel on a vehicle to transport chilled hopped wort to a brew pub; a first conduit between the chilled hopped wort holding vessel and the transportation vessel; a fermentation vessel located a brew pub; and a second conduit between the transportation vessel and the fermentation vessel.

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