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Patent No. 838735A: Beer-Racking Apparatus

Today in 1906, US Patent 838735 A was issued, an invention of Henry L. Momburg, for his “Beer-Racking Apparatus.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary:

My invention is a means for filling receptacles, and I have chosen to illustrate the same in this application as embodied in a beer-racking apparatus.

One object of my invention is the provision of means for rapidlyfilling kegs or other receptacles with liquid.

Another object of my invention is the provision of means for completely filling the kegs or other receptacles with liquid without wasting the liquid.

As the liquid beer, for instance, is supplied to or introduced into the keg it will foam and the foam will float on top of the liquid as the keg is filled. Now in order to completely fill the keg it has been necessary to allow the foam to run out of the bunghole and be wasted, the beer also overflowing unless shut off just as the liquid reaches the bung-hole. This operates to waste considerable beer when filling a number of kegs,.and as the filling operation should be completed as speedily possible the drip and overflow beer wasted is a considerable amount.

My invention is designed to avoid all waste from any source whatever, and if a little care be used no appreciable amount of beer need be wasted.

Of course if the foam in the keg is not al lowed to overflow then short keg is the result, the beer not completely filling the keg, and the air commingled with the foam will operate to make the beer flat and destroy the taste and freshness. By the use of my apparatus this danger is avoided, since the keg is filled completely with beer, the foam being forced out of the keg, and hence when the bung is driven into the keg there is no air left in the keg and the beer retains its original strength, freshness, and taste.

Another object of my invent-ion is the provision of a means for receiving the foam and overflow beer from one keg and supplying it to the succeeding keg to be filled without impairing the beer in the slightest, and yet effect- I ing a saving of the liquid.

Another object of my invention is the provision of a novel means for retaining the filling-tube in the keg by releasably locking it 1 1place when inserted through the bungs vision of an inexpensive, simple, and neat racking apparatus which will effectually perform all the work required in a highly efficient manner.

To these ends my invention consists, broadly, of a suitable supporting-frame, upon which is carried the filling tube or tubes, which are provided with means for receiving the overflow beer, which means is also connected with a member, likewise carried by the frame, for causing the expulsion of the overflow beer into the next keg to be filled, together with means for connecting the filling tube with the source of supply.

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