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Patent No. PP20200P3: Hop Plant Named ‘Apollo’

Today in 2009, US Patent PP20200 P3 was issued, an invention of Roger D. Jeske and Joe Brulotte, assigned to S.S. Steiner, Inc., for their “Hop plant named ‘Apollo.'” Here’s the Abstract:

A new and distinct variety of hop, Humulus lupulus L., named “APOLLO” is characterized by its exceptional high percentage of alpha acids, excellent storage stability of alpha acids, low CoH value for an alpha variety, and resistance to hop powdery mildew strains found in Washington. The new variety was cultivated as a result of a cross in 2000 at Golden Gate Roza Hop Ranches in Prosser, Wash., United States and has been asexually reproduced in Prosser, Wash., United States.

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