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Patent No. PP644P: Hop Plant

Today in 1944, US Patent PP644 P was issued, an invention of Frank J. Miller, for his “Hop Plant.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary:

The present invention relates to definite and extensive improvements in hops of the Bohemian type. There is no known hop which is at is fluffy in comparison. Develops from a small all similar. The variety resulted from definite burr rather than from the usual type of breeding efforts made by Frank J. Miller and 5 blossoms. Grows in closely bunched clusters originated by crossing a wild English Cluster hop from the ground to the ends of the branches. with the Bohemian type hop. The cross took Lupulin content.-The lupulin content is place a number of years ago and has since been much higher than average.

developed and asexually reproduced from the Resin content. Very high in total resin root. The characteristics of the variety have tent, as compared With proved to be firmly fixed Bohemian hop as well as other types.

The original illustrations which make a part Flavor and aroma.Has an excellent aroma, of this application show typical fruits and leaves and no sulphur being required in the drying approximately their true colors and slightly ing process makes it possible to keep out reduced in size. certain foreign flavors often present in This new variety has a great number of out other hops. standing characteristics among which are its Dry-out. Being a firm, compact berry with healthy growth, small moisture loss, high lupulin low moisture content in the green stage, content, early ripening and resistance to downy the loss from dry-out is 60% to 65%, where mildew and red spider. A chemical analysis made as in any other variety it is 75% to 80%. by the Agricultural Experiment Station at Ge- Maturity. Fruit ripens between the last of neva, N. Y., shows total resins one-half greater July and about August 10th, which is from in my new variety than in the regular European 15 to 20 days earlier than the regular Bohemian type hops grown in their experimental Bohemian type. This factor removes the variety from competition at harvest time.

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