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Rich Higgins Named One of 3 “Master Cicerones”

Join me in congratulating our own Rich Higgins on being named a “Master Cicerone.” That makes Rich one of only three people to achieve the designation of “master.” If you don’t know Rich, he’s currently the brewmaster at San Francisco’s Social Kitchen & Brewery, a brewpub at 9th Ave. and Irving St. in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset neighborhood, and is also the President of the San Francisco Brewers Guild and Director of SF Beer Week. He also operates the beer consultancy Rich Higgins Consultant à la Bière.

From the press release:

Rich Higgins is one of two candidates to pass this year’s Master Cicerone exam, becoming one of three individuals to achieve this pinnacle certification of beer expertise. The Master Cicerone exam was offered in the Chicago area in October of this year, occurring over two days and consisting of ten hours of essay questions, two hours of tasting and sensory panels, and two hours of oral examination.

Congratulations Rich!

Rich Higgins in his Social Kitchen brewery.

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