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Rogue Inspires Imperial Stout Song

A great friend of mine, who lives in Seattle, has a new CD out with his new band, called Dyslextasy. Four out of the six songs on it have something to do with enjoying a tipple now and then. The album is called “Live. Die. Repeat.” and has this great tagline: “Drinking songs for the New World Order.”

The last song on the compact disc is an anti-war song that was even inspired by Rogue’s Imperial Stout and the red star on the old label before they switched to the ceramic bottle. The first line of the song is:

As I was sitting there, at the bar
Drinking Imperial Stout
(that one with the star)

Click on the play button below to hear the Imperial Stout song. You can also hear previews of the other songs on their website. The CD is a mere eight bucks and can be ordered online directly from the band or on several other online stores, such as CD Baby. Sure it’s a shameless plug, but as he and his wife are some of our best friends, and the music is great, too, I want to help it go platinum so he can retire from his nine-to-five job. Enjoy.


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