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Sapporo Space Barley

Sapporo Breweries is planning to brew a beer made from barley descended from seeds grown in space, specifically in the Russian section of the International Space Station two years ago. Sapporo claims the results will be the “world’s first ‘space beer,'” putting them at odds with an earlier claim that I wrote about last year by Microgravity Enterprises, albeit somewhat derisively. The Japanese company’s efforts do seem a bit closer to the mark than the other, at least in my opinion.

According to Reuters, Sapporo said in a statement. “By pursuing the infinite possibility that space has, we wish to present our customers with rich and enjoyable proposals to enjoy a new beer culture.” Sapporo will not sell the initial results, but instead will sample select consumers on the new space beer, which should be — ahem — launched this November. Working with Okayama University scientists, they will produce just over 166 gallons of beer (630 liters). I doubt anyone will be able to taste any difference, but I’d still like to be one of the lucky ones chosen to try it.


This Reuters video has a terrible sound problem so be prepared to mute it or lower the volume on your computer.


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