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The Brookston Hitting Derby 2021

This year, the new baseball season begins on Thursday, April 1, no fooling. So our annual Brookston Hitting Derby auto-renewed, but I only noticed today. We used to call it a Home Run Derby because to keep things simpler, we only counted those, but a few years ago I monkeyed with the scoring (because I generally can’t keep well enough alone) and while it’s still simpler than being in a full-blown fantasy baseball league, there are now more ways to get points. Still, we do it just for fun, and there are twenty spaces available if you want to play along, although we only need four to draft. But the more teams, the more fun, so sign up soon if you want to join us this year.

In order to join the league, follow this link, and I think that’s all you have to do, other then follow the on-screen instructions. If that’s not right, or you’re having trouble, leave a comment below and a way to reach you. Otherwise, see you on the virtual diamond.

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