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The Publican National Committee

Friday during GABF week, I was invited to the 2nd annual meeting of the Publican National Committee. Formed the previous year in Denver, Colorado, the group is made up of the owners of most prestigious beer bars in America. Founding members are Don Younger (Horse Brass; Portland, Oregon), Tom Peters (Monk’s Cafe; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Dave Keene (The Toronado; San Francisco, California), Chris Black (The Falling Rock; Denver, Colorado) and Matt Bonney and Matt VandenBerghe (Brouwer’s; Seattle, Washington). Dr. Bill is also an honorary member, as a publican without a pub.

Dinner was held at Sullivan’s, a wonderful steak house in LoDo.

The meeting commenced with copious amounts of fine wine, beer and spirits.

My entree of filet mignon, smothered in blue cheese crumble with a side of lobster tail.

Each year, the PNC plans to nominate one new member. This year, Ray Deter of d.b.a. was invited to become part of the PNC, but was unable to attend because he was opening a new bar.

The assembled members of the PNC … except one. Dave Keene and Tom Peters have their arms around an invisible Don Younger, who chose not to attend this year to protest his being named president the previous year. At last year’s inaugural event, Don stayed at the bar — where smoking was still permitted — and his absence at the table resulted in his election to the highest PNC office. Don is planning on attending next year so that he can impeach himself for failing to show this year.

The assembled members, Matt Bonney, Dave Keene, Tom Peters, Matt VandenBerghe and Chris Black, without Don Younger.

The entire PNC Convention attendees. Non-members there included myself, behind Dayna Guy (of Toronto’s beer bistro). Behind her is Matt Younts (from Click Wholesale Distributing in Seattle). On the right there’s Dr. Bill. Behind Chris is Cheryl Black, and all the way in the back is Ian Roberts (also from Brouwers), Dave Keene’s better half Jennifer, and the beer chef, Bruce Paton.


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