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The Triumphant Return of Hopsickles

Remember those Hopsickle desserts that got the Rustico Restaurant & Bar in Alexandria, Virginia in trouble with the state last year? According to Life in the Fast Lane, their Hopsicle “has made its come-back after the restaurant was granted permission to sell frozen beer on a stick.”

Originally, the Virgnia ABC said they violated state regulations because they were not “served in its original container or immediately after pouring” as then required.

Sensibly, the “board amended the law on alcohol content in prepared foods. As long as adults consume responsibly, government should certainly not over-regulate the inclusion of alcohol in food — or brew pops for that matter.” said Ebbin, a co-sponsor of the bill.”

More from the article:

As a base, Morales uses Belgian fruit beers that are low in alcohol and minimally hopped. The icy beer-infused treats are subject to beer availability and come in 7 flavors — framboise, cherry kriek, peche, cassis, banana, plum and the new and improved chocolate stout, at $5 a pop.

Morales’s original hopsicle recipes were made entirely from beer, but he changed them to incorporate other ingredients in an effort to appease the local liquor control board.

“Go into a restaurant that uses wine as a food ingredient and you don’t have these issues.” says Morales, who also uses beer in soups, potpies, ragouts and even a peanut-butter-and-beer-jelly sandwich.

The article also details other beer desserts such as beer ice cream, floats and milkshakes, complete with recipes.


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