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Update on Search for Steve Harrison

The search continues for Steve Harrison, Vice President of Sierra Nevada Brewing and one of the original employees of the northern California brewery, who was discovered missing Tuesday morning. There have been several news updates by the local Chico paper, but precious little new information. Saturday morning, the Chico Enterprise Record reported that a new team of tracking dogs was being brought in to confirm a previous group’s findings that Harrison most likely went into the river near where his car was found along the bank of the Sacramento River.

Another Chico story on Sunday reported that Saturday’s search to find Harrison was again unsuccessful and that the new team of dogs did confirm their earlier conclusions. Butte County Search and Rescue indicated that after four days of searching it is likely efforts will be scaled back somewhat in the coming days, although helicopters will continue to fly over the area and the underwater camera may also keep searching the river.

The San Francisco Chronicle has also now picked up the story, running on the SF Gate Saturday and in Sunday’s print edition.

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