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Waxing Nostalgic Extemporaneously For The Next Session … Today!

For our 135th Session, our host will be Alistair Reece, who writes Fuggled. For his topic, he’s taking a look back in Sepia Tones, by which he challenges us to “indulge in a little beer nostalgia, a bit of personal beer history you might say.”

Until this morning, we were without a host, so a big thanks to Alistair for stepping up last minute and hosting. (That also means right now you should think about hosting June or beyond!) So understandably his topic is lean, although not so mean. Here are his instructions on participating:

What kind of things would be suitable topics for today? Well, here’s some suggestions:

  • Discontinued beers that you miss.
  • Breweries you once loved that are no longer around.
  • Beers that are simply not what they once were.
  • Your early steps in the world of beer drinking, whether craft or just in general.

There you have it, get melancholy, drag up memories of good times gone by, and join us in this month’s Session.

So no time to waste, it’s already the first Friday of May, so time to start waxing nostalgic and write your session post today. Then post a link to your session post at the original announcement or I imagine you could tag him on Twitter, too. Either way, don’t delay. Time’s a wasting.

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