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When Did Valentine’s Day Become A Drinking Holiday?

This just struck me as odd. The now neo-prohibitionist MADD is urging people to give the gift of being a designated driver for Valentine’s Day. I certainly think it’s always a good idea to have a DD, but associating this idea with Valentine’s Day, one of the few remaining non-drinking holidays, seems opportunistic in the way that they incessantly accuse the alcohol companies of exploiting holidays. See, it’s all about the love. Uh, huh.

In fact, it’s so much about the love that they’ve even trademarked the phrases “Give the Gift of a Designated Driver™” and “Tonight, I’m DD”™ lest they fall into the wrong hands. So be careful, if you actually use the phrase “Tonight, I’m DD”™ you may have to send them a quarter.

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