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Wikio Beer Blog Rankings For January 2011

I noticed today that the Wikio Top Blogs for Beer badge on the Bulletin still listed me as the #1 beer blog, so out of pure vanity I checked it out to see if the new Beer Blog standings for January 2011 were out. Apparently, I’m still clinging to the top spot. Here’s what happened to the Top 20 over last month:

Wikio January 2011 Beer Blog Rankings

1 Brookston Beer Bulletin (+/-0)
2 Beervana (+/-0)
3 The New School (+2)
4 Brewpublic (-1)
5 Appellation Beer: Beer From a Good Home (+1)
6 A Good Beer Blog (+1)
7 The Stone Blog (+5)
8 Drink With The Wench (-4)
9 BetterBeerBlog (+7)
10 Burgers & Brews (Not in Top 20 for Dec.)
11 Washington Beer Blog (-1)
12 Beer in Baltimore (-4)
13 Seen Through a Glass (-4)
14 Beeronomics (-1)
15 Brewed For Thought (Not in Top 20 for Dec.)
16 The Brew Site (Not in Top 20 for Dec.)
17 Brouwer’s Cafe (+3)
18 Seattle Beer News (-7)
19 KC Beer Blog (-3)
20 It’s Pub Night (+3)

Ranking made by Wikio

I again added the relative movements of each blog from last month. Like last month, three blogs dropped off the Top 20, and three new ones appeared.

Again, it’s all a bit of fun so long as we don’t take it too seriously. Hoppy 2011.

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