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Wikio Beer Blog Rankings For June 2011

The June 2011 standings will soon be released for Wikio’s Beer Blogs. Machuca at Craft Austin got a sneak peak at the new rankings, so here’s what happened to the Top 20 over last month:

Wikio June 2011 Beer Blog Rankings

1 Beervana (+1)
2 Brookston Beer Bulletin (-1)
3 The New School (+/-0)
4 Brewpublic (+/-0)
5 A Good Beer Blog (+/-0)
6 Appellation Beer: Beer From a Good Home (+/-0)
7 The Stone Blog (Not in Top 20 for May)
8 Washington Beer Blog (+3)
9 The Daily Pull (+/-0)
10 Oakshire Brewing (+/-0)
11 Lost Abbey Brewer’s Log (Blog) (Not in Top 20 for May)
12 KC Beer Blog (+1)
13 I Love Beer (Not in Top 20 for May)
14 Seattle Beer News (+/-0)
15 The Not So Professional Beer Blog (+5)
16 The Brew Lounge (Not in Top 20 for May)
17 It’s Pub Night (-2)
18 Craft Austin (Not in Top 20 for May)
19 The Session Beer Project (-7)
20 Beer-Stained Letter (-1)

Ranking made by Wikio

As usual, I added the relative movements of each blog from last month. This month, 25% of the blogs are either new or have re-emerged in the Top 20. And a few of the dropouts were surprising, including such heavy hitters as Beer Therapy, Drink With The Wench and Lew Bryson’s Seen Through a Glass.

For the third time in as many months, Beervana and I switched places again. Congratulations to Jeff. I expected as much this time, as I was in South America for at least a third of the month, and access to WiFi was spotty at best and free time even less so. Over half of the top 10 stayed put, too. As always, I continue to stress that this is just a bit of fun and that we shouldn’t take it too seriously. Until next month ….

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