Bay Area Beer Bloggers


What is The Bay Area Beer Bloggers?

Recently several beer bloggers from the Bay Area had an impromptu meet-up at the 2008 Boonville Beer Festival. Though all of us were very different and approached our blogs from a different perspective, we all shared a love of good beer and the geography of the greater Bay Area. When I looked at how many of us were covering the same turf on the same subject with very little overlap or conflict, I was struck by how we might work together on specific projects, events or who knows what. So the first step is to come together. With that in mind, I created “Bay Area Beer Bloggers” as a very loose collection of like-minded individuals in the hope that we could develop a group that will work together on some still-unspecified projects. For now, all I see is untapped potential. Let’s see what we can do with it.

How to Join The Bay Area Beer Bloggers

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and write a blog, website or podcast about beer, you’re already a member of our community. If you don’t see your blog listed below, please shoot me a note or post a comment at the bottom of this page, and I’ll add you right away.

Members of the BABB Community

  1. Chuck Lenatti at allbrews
  2. Brian at All Over Beer
  3. Jesse Sand at Bar Stories (currently on hiatus)
  4. Darren at Bay Area Homebrewing & Beer & Appreciation
  5. Dave McAvoy at Beer-a-Day 365
  6. Cortlandt at Beer Adventures Blog
  7. Jesse Friedman at Beer & Nosh
  8. Angelo Roselle at BeerArchivist’s Blog
  9. Steve Shapiro & Gail Ann Williams at Beer by BART
  10. Bruce Paton, who is the Beer Chef
  11. David Jensen at Beer 47
  12. Chris Nelson & Merideth Canham-Nelson, who collectively are The Beer Geek
  13. Chris Galvin at Beernerd
  14. Jon Weber at Beer Obsessed
  15. Brian Yaeger at Beer Odyssey
  16. Jay Hinman at Beer Samizdat
  17. Craig Davis at Beers, Beers, Beers
  18. John Foster & Motor at Beer School
  19. Matt Knopf at the Beer Warrior
  20. Jen Muehlbauer at the Berkeley Craft Beer Examiner
  21. Peter Estaniel at Better Beer Blog
  22. Jay Brooks at Bottoms Up: On Beer
  23. Mario Rubio at Brewed For Thought
  24. Maggie Winslow at the Brewess
  25. Justin Crossley at the Brewing Network
  26. Jon Campbell at the Broken Spirits
  27. Gabriel and Karl at Broken Table Brewing
  28. Jay Brooks at the Brookston Beer Bulletin
  29. Bill Manley at The Designated Drinker
  30. Chris Hubbard at the Dr Hubbard’s Beardy Beer Blog
  31. Ashley Routson a.k.a. The Beer Wench at Drink With The Wench
  32. Jesse Molina at Episuds
  33. Colin James at Food, Beer, & Other Vices
  34. Troy McClure SF at Golden Gate Beer Blog
  35. Sean Z. Paxton who is the Homebrew Chef
  36. Juan at Juan’s Home Brewery
  37. DK at … learning about beer
  38. Mike Steinberg at Lov Beer
  39. Mark Harvey at NorCal Beer Blog
  40. John Heylin at Nor Cal Beer Guide
  41. Tom Gilhuley at One Brew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  42. Simon Ford at Overcarbed
  43. Jen Rizzo at Pedals and Pints
  44. Rob DeNunzio at Pfiff!
  45. Rail Arson at Plastic Love Monkey
  46. Derrick Peterman at Ramblings of a Beer Runner
  47. Daniel Steckenberg at SF Beer Calendar
  48. Brad Barmore and Ben Parry at Sports Meats Beer / Facebook
  49. Jason Quinn at That Beer Nerd
  50. Jessica “JJ” Jones at The Thirsty Hopster (on hiatus)
  51. Brian Wimsett at True Brew Too
  52. Fred Abercrombie at Ünnecessary Ümlaut
  53. Joey & Jen McDaniel at Wet Your Whistles
  54. Miles Wilhelm at Why Drink Beer

Keeping In Touch With BABB Members

JJ, The Thirsty Hopster, has set up a Google Group for BABB. If you’re new to BABB, please join the Google Group (it’s free, you just need a Google ID, which is also free). Using Google Groups, members can communicate easily with the entire group and group members can decide how often they want to receive messages by setting the frequency to one of four choices. In this way we can let each other know what’s going on in the Bay Area, share news or otherwise share information relevant to the group.

Beer Bloggers Unite

If any of you are also members of the Beer Bloggers Unite ning network, I’ve also set up a BABB group there. Just click on the “Groups” link at the far right of the main menu. That will take you to the group page. From there, I confess I don’t know what comes next. Because I’m the administrator, it doesn’t show me what you see (perhaps someone can let me know the next steps?). Thanks.

BABB Logos

I created a graphic logo to display your community affiliation on your own blog, if you want to. Nothing is mandatory or conditional. If you like, you can link the graphic to this page. I created several different sizes, but if you need a specific size not here, drop me a note and I’ll make one tailored to your needs. Also, please do NOT hotlink to these images. Please download them and put them on your own server. Thanks.