Saturday at OBF

July 26, 2008


Saturday is traditionally the crazy day at OBF, where it becomes so crowded that it’s even hard to get a beer. This year, though, crazy isn’t strong enough to describe how crowded it was. Lines were record length, especially for popular beers like 21A’s Watermelon Wheat and Pliny the Elder. Luckily from my point of view, there are plenty of side events to take the sting out of the crowds at the main event.

The day began with a breakfast at Kell’s, a couple of blocks from the festival, hosted by Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene, Oregon, where a colonial trio of musicians serenaded us.

Then it was off to the festival.

Where the crowds descended quickly on the festival grounds.

Shortly after the gates opened at Noon, it was already packed with people.

But festival organizer Chris Crabb still looked composed three days into the mayhem.

Long lines for beer.

Meagan Flynn, publisher of Beer Northwest at her booth.

Inside the tents, the festival was even more packed.

Nico Freccia, Chief Watermelon Officer at 21st Amendment shows off his watermelon regalia.

But he wasn’t the only one there wearing a goofy hat.

In the afternoon, I went over to the Pilsner Room for Full Sail’s annual Smoker where John Harris played host.

Brett Joyce, #2 at Rogue, after a quick interview I did with him.

Later on I ended up at Deschutes new brewpub in Portland, known as the Deschutes Portland Pub, which opened in May.

It’s a beautiful old building that was once a machine shop in the now trendy Pearl District of Portland.

The copper brewhouse, that Deschutes bought used in North Carolina. The 21-barrel system was made in Bamberg, Germany by Kaspar Shlz in 1994.

Used timber was pulled out of older area buildings and a local artist carved some of them for the brewpub.

Mr. Beer Goddess, Mark Campbell, tries some of Deschutes Black Butte XX anniversary beer.