My Goals for the Bulletin

My goal with this blog is threefold:

1. I hope to keep track of western breweries to help me with writing about this area for my freelance writing for the Celebrator Beer News, Ale Street News, and others.

2. I want to offer a forum for craft breweries to share information about what they’re doing, what they’re making and what events they’re hosting in order to create a repository for people to follow the craft beer scene.

3. I want to support the craft beer industry and do whatever I can to help promote the culture of better beer.

4. I want to report on national beer and beer-related events that effect the industry as a whole.

5. I did not set out with this goal in mind, but it appears inescapable to my way of thinking. I will also monitor the actions of the largest domestic and imported brewers and report on them, exposing what they’re doing where possible, especially when I believe those actions to be harmful to the craft beer industry or the beer industry as a whole.