BA Releases 2012 Beer Style Guidelines

Just in time for the World Beer Cup this May, the Brewers Association today released their annual style guidelines for judging. According to the press release, this year’s guidelines include 140 separate categories, including one new one: “Indigenous Beer Category.” Curiously, the World Beer Cup website lists 95 on their 2012 Beer Styles Menu and the descriptions, too. You can download a pdf of the guidelines here.


  1. John S. Watson says

    Actually, the “Indigenous Beer” category isn’t new,
    it is new-ish (I think it was in the guidelines for the first time
    last year).
    They just inproved the description of that its supposed to be,
    based on all the feedback from last year

  2. John S. Watson says

    I just looked, and the “Indigenous Beer” category is new in the 2012 Guidelines. It was in the GABF guidelines last year. I was thinking they were the same guidelines, but they obviously do some tweaking between January and October.
    The 21st Amendment Brewery got the gold for it.

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