Beer Birthday: Suzanne Woods

Today is Suzanne Woods’ 35th birthday. I first met her during my trip to Philadelphia for Philly Beer Week its inaugural year. She writes online as the Beer Lass and by day is the mid-atlantic salesperson for Allagash, though when I first met her she worked for Sly Fox Brewing outside of Philadelphia. Check out a great photo of her in pigtails when she was five. Join me in wishing Suzanne a very happy birthday.

With Suzanne during a visit to Sly Fox Brewing at the beginning of Philly Beer Week.

An afro'd Suzy Woods and Wendy, from Dogfsh Head, with the Hammer
An afro’d Suzy and Wendy, from Dogfish Head, with the Hammer during Philly Beer Week 2010.

Outside the Philly Bar, Sidecar, with some colorful local characters at the bar.


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