Beer In Art #55: Gregg Hinlicky’s Brewer Portraits

Today’s works of art are part of a larger project undertaken by New Jersey illustrator Gregg Hinlicky. A decade ago, he began an undertaking to paint portraits of his favorite brewers.

Garret Oliver, from Brooklyn Brewery.

The original ten paintings were quite large, averaging seven-feet tall, whereas later portraits are three-feet by four, which has allowed him to speed up and increase output.

John Maier, from Rogue.

The goal for Hinlicky it to paint at least thirty brewer portraits with an eye toward ultimately publishing a book of the portraits.

Fritz Maytag, from Anchor Brewery.

Hinlicky attended the Newark School of Fine & Industrial Art and held several design and marketing positions before joining D&R Communications, which has been his day job for over seven years.

I’m not sure what brewery this is, but the painting’s titled “Henry.”

I particularly like this peek inside an unnamed brewery.

It looks like he’s also done the logo for Climax Brewing, shown here on the label for their 10th Anniversary Ale.

Hinlicky does sell his work and takes commissions, too. If interested, you can contact him through his website.

Paintings used with the permission of the artist. All works © Gregg Hinlicky.


  1. says

    Hey, thank you very much for the wonderful write up! For the record, the painting entitled “Henry” is of Poor Henry’s Brewery in Philadelphia. It was owned by the late Henry Ortlieb (of the famous Ortlieb’s Beer family). The brewer’s name is slipping my mind. I know his first name was Joe. I’ll have to look it up. It was a great brewery/brew pub situated in Ortlieb’s old bottling building. They had terrific burgers.

    Thanks again,

  2. Barbara Di Giovanni says

    A piece of history in the making. Nice work, Gregg. Looking forward to seeing a published book of brewers.


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