Beer In Art #82: Pabst Art Contests

Today’s works of art were all created over the past four years, as a part of an art contest by Pabst Blue Ribbon. Now that Pabst Brewing Co. has recently changed hands, who knows whether the new owners will keep the art contest alive. As far as I can tell, it started in 2007 and has been held each year since, including this year. The PBR Art website has a gallery with 380 works of art that have been submitted. Many of them are quite good, and I’ve picked out some my favorites below.

Mark Cummings
A straightforward still life by Mark Cummings.

Christopher Galiyas
This fun one, an interpretation of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” is by Christopher Galiyas.

Josh Holland
This painting by Josh Holland reminds me a bit of a Grateful Dead album cover.

The blog is still acting up and throwing tantrums when I try to embed anything, but I created a slideshow of my favorite 40 Pabst works of art. Just click on the link to be taken to the Flickr slideshow.

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